Anti-Virus Protection

What is Anti-Virus Protection?

An antivirus is a software program designed to protect your computer or other devices from malicious software, often referred to as malware. Malware includes viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and other harmful programs that can cause damage to your computer, compromise your personal information, or disrupt its normal functioning.

How Cloud 9 IT protect your devices?

As an IT provider, protecting computers with antivirus software is a crucial part of our service. Here's an list of how we utilise antivirus software to safeguard computers:

Real-time protection
Real-time scanning
Malware Detection
Automatic updates
Centralised Management
Plus Many More...

By employing these measures, we provide comprehensive protection for computers against malware threats. Our goal is to keep our clients' computers secure, ensuring data integrity, system stability, and a safe computing environment.

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