Device Monitoring

What is device monitoring?

IT device monitoring refers to the process of actively observing and tracking the performance, behavior, and status of computer devices and systems within an organisation. It involves using specialised software tools to collect and analyze data about the devices, such as computers, servers, routers, and other network equipment.

The purpose of device monitoring is to ensure the smooth operation of IT infrastructure, maintain system health, and proactively identify any issues or potential problems that may arise.

How do Cloud 9 IT monitor devices?

As part of our Managed IT Support plans we install our monitoring software to proactively monitor your business devices for issues, such as:

Hard Drives Failures
High Memory usage
Windows Updates
Software Updates
Remote Access
Plus Many More...

IT device monitoring provides a means to observe and track the performance and health of computer devices and systems. By continuously collecting and analysing data, it helps IT teams identify and resolve issues promptly, optimize system performance, and plan for future needs.

This proactive approach ensures that computer systems operate smoothly, minimising downtime and enhancing the overall efficiency of an organisation's IT infrastructure.

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