IT Help Desk Service

What is an IT help desk?

An IT help desk service is a support service provided to assist our clients with their technology-related issues. The primary objective of an IT help desk service is to ensure the smooth operation of the technology used within an organisation by providing technical support, troubleshooting and problem-solving services, and assistance in the use of software applications, hardware devices, and other technology resources.

How does IT help desk work?

A Cloud 9 IT help desk staff member receives a phone call, or email explaining the issues from a client, the help desk staff member will create a support ticket and set the severity, urgency, and complexity. Cloud 9 IT will then work to diagnose the problem and provide a resolution or escalate it to a higher level of support if needed.

Once the issue has been resolved, the help desk staff will document the problem and the resolution in a ticket for future reference. They will follow up with the user to ensure that the issue has been fully resolved and that they are satisfied with the service provided.

Our Ticketing System

Giving clients ways to access help with issues is the core of our business, all clients have access to our ticketing platform to raise support tickets by emailing our support email address, this will create the ticket automatically, we then get to work resolving your issue with our IT support response times

Have any questions?

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